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Website Maintenance

Don’t want the hassle of updating your site? Don’t have the time or expertise to keep it looking great? Don’t know how to keep protected against malicious attacks? We will take care of it all for you. Saving you hundreds every year!

Website Maintenance

Flexible WordPress maintenance on a recurring schedule or as and when needed

It’s 2019 and the time of simply building WordPress websites and handing them over is long gone.

If you have a WordPress website it will need to be kept up-to-date. But most businesses don’t have the time or technical skills to fix their site when bugs or issues arise.  We’ll keep your WordPress website updated on a regular basis to ensure it’s safe, secure and free from bugs or glitches.

You need this if…
You have a WordPress website and don’t have the time or technical skills to fix the site when bugs or issues arise.

Maintane your website

Website Maintenance Packages

Let us take care of your website so you can concentrate on building your business.


£  105
      Per Month
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Security Monitoring
  • Secure offsite backups 1-per month
  • Production Updates
  • Database Optimisation
  • Monthly Security and Antivirus Updates
  • 1 Month Free on yearly purchase


£  195
Per Month
  • Included all features from Essential Package
  • Secure Offsite backups 3-per month
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Online Shop Maintenance
  • Weekly Security and Antivirus Updates
  • Server & Domain included on Yearly purchase*


£  429
Per Month
  • Included all features from Essential & Pro Packages
  • Secure Offsite backups weekly
  • On-page SEO*
  • Complete malware removal*
  • Speed optimisation*
  • Mobile & tablet optimization*
  • Page & Post Management


Let's clear some of this maintenance jargon

Your WordPress website will need to update it’s plugins and core WordPress files regularly, help you maintain your website and keep it secure so you can rest asure you have a working site.

We regularly monitor your site to see any major security vulnerabilities and take action as per required.

Update your website while it is still live. So your website will stay active while we do any updates.

Monitor your website is active and live 24/7. There are times when your website or server might cause your website to not be accessed.

We check your website is performing well in terms of functionality, speed and is error free.

We create backups of your website offsite, so we are sure if something happens to your website or server, we are sure to have a backup. Just for extra peace of mind!

Very common on the web is website getting hit with malware and spam. We clean out your site of any external bugs.

Optimise your website to load faster. This will include optimising images, compressing HTML, CSS, JS files. Going through site to optimise section which are causing your website to load slowly and optimising.

Setting general on-page seo for your website to help rank on search engines.

Testing your website on Tablets and Mobile screen. Fixing all areas where the content and layout is not set properly.

Adding new content or changes to pages or posts.

If your website if full of malware, spam & is not working properly, there will be additional cost to fix everything before starting on the Essential or Pro package.

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